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At first Ultimatum sounded like an awful idea – kill off as many characters in the Ultimate Universe in hopes of shaking things up and bringing readers back to the series that got people interested in Marvel again.  To make matters worse, Marvel opted to go with someone other than Brian Michael Bendis to pen the epic disaster series, which was odd in itself as Bendis has done so much for the Ultimate Universe, it should have been up to him to bring it all crashing down around everyone’s head.  With the final issue of the Ultimatum series, and all

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There have been many unthinkable acts carried out by agencies and forces bent on instilling fear in their enemies.  But what if the enemy we think we know, is really the friend we thought we knew?  And what if those friends took our ideas and did something unthinkable with them?  That’s the premise behind the latest thriller from Boom! Studios, and darn it, if it doesn’t strike a little close to home.

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