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Alterna ComicsFeaturedReview

Joe Hale never wanted to be a journalist, and now he has to decide if he should keep the family newspaper or sell it. Karl Siewert reviews Alterna Comics’ original graphic All My Ghosts by Jeremy Massie.

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IDW PublishingPress Releasewebcomic

I know, you’re comic book shop is probably closed by now, but if you have one of them fancy new 24-hour comic book shops, you might want to head on down and pick up this collected web comic series. Press Release IDW Publishing is proud to release the first graphic novel collection of the award winning webcomic and acclaimed IDW miniseries The Dreamer by creator and author Lora Innes. A romantic and rich story told with well-researched historical detail, The Dreamer has been honored with two Harvey Award nominations for “Best New Series” and “Best New Talent,” plus a nomination

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IDW Publishingwebcomic

IDW Publishing has announced a six-issue mini-series called The Dreamer, that follows the adventures of young Beatrice Whaley in 18th century. The Dreamer is equal parts 18th-century adventure and 21st-century teenage slice-of-life tale. It is the story of 17-year-old Beatrice Whaley, a wealthy high school senior who lives in Boston and aspires to a career on Broadway. But her plans for her future are rudely interrupted by the past when she awakes from a vivid and unforgettable dream about a soldier in a redcoat. As the dreams continue, always starting where the last one ended, she attempts to keep the

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Sneak PeekTop Cow

Top Cow Productions has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of two titles arriving in stores this week. Take the jump for the final installment of Paul Dini’s Madame Mirage #6 and Pilot Season: Twilight Guardian #1.

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Top Cow

Top Cow Entertainment has announced the month of May will see the kickoff of the company’s next Pilot Season – the new initiative that let’s fans decide the two new books Top Cow will add to its publishing schedule. The first two books arrive in May, followed by two in June and the final two in July, with voting scheduled to open in August. Take the jump for the rundown of the six titles Top Cow is releasing and their schedules.

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