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Mike Mignola has created a little empire around his Hellboy story continuity, and well-deserved, I would say. It really highlights the strengths of having a single writer/creator on the tiller for the whole run and the ability to keep a consistent vision. Occasionally, Mignola does allow others to play in his sandbox. Here he teams with occasional collaborator John Arcudi on the latter’s idea for a story set on the battlefields of WWII Europe. Is it a good, spooky story, or does it just further blur the line between Hellboy and Atomic Robo? Find out after the jump.

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Dark Horse ComicsFeatured

Mike Mignola, creator of the beloved character Hellboy, has just released the first issue of his newest project; Sledgehammer 44. Toted as Iron Man during World War II, this book has a lot of potential, especially from someone with as much experience as Mignola. Does it live up to this potential? Find out with your Major Spoilers review!

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