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Adrianne Curry is no stranger to cosplaying at the San Diego Comic Con, and if you were looking hard enough yesterday, you may have seen her as Leeloo from the Fifth Element with her slave (Leia) in tow. via @adriannecurry

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Week in Review

The older we get the faster time flies, and this week was no exception as we woke up on Monday, and before we knew it Sunday was already upon is.  In all the chaos that is our lives, here’s a recap of the week that was. The Intardwebz are full of Trolls, and that is just sad I hear there is a comic convention taking place in the upcoming week. Good thing we have you covered. Harry Potter movie opens, and takes in $100 million world wide in a single day The Major Spoilers Crew plus two sat down to

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Victoria, the latest member of the Major Spoilers family, wanted to let everyone know you can see her live on Friday morning at 6:45 EDT at the WMMR website’s VIP Lounge.  She’s going to be modeling some of her costumes for the viewers. Or you can take the jump and check out a few more pics after the jump!

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Yup, it’s time for another smattering of television rumors and tid-bits with an order of steak fries and a tub of mayonnaise on the side.  And by steak fries, I mean Megan Fox, and by mayonnaise, I mean get your mind out of the gutter.

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Continuing the Star Wars theme for the back half of the week, I went digging for Princess Leia pictures.  Man, you don’t want to do a search for serious Princess Leia art.  Bondage Leia, Topless Leia, Naked For No Reason Leia, Leia Getting It On With (INSERT ALIEN/LIGHTSABER/JEDI NAME HERE), and the list goes on and on. Fortunately, I found this piece by Mark Brooks that he did for the Dallas Comicon. Take the jump for the full image!

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FeatureFeaturedHolidayMajor Spoilers

Gift cards suck.  No one wants to give or receive a pair of socks.  And heaven forbid you rush out the night before the big gift exchange day in a desperate attempt to find that special something.   This holiday season, Major Spoilers brings you our rundown of holiday gifts that will rock that special pop culture loved one’s world.

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