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Sometimes when two comic book characters meet they fight, it’s pretty much a universal law. Sometimes these meetings are in the end good, they learn to work through each others differences to make the world a better place. That won’t be the case when Bomb Queen meets Cassie Hack, and her hulking bodyguard Vlad. Will this match made in Hell, literally pull at the strings of your heart? Or will it just be one giant tease?

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According to Slash Flim, the Green Arrow centric movie Super Max is getting a name change to Green Arrow. The well-reviewed script, which sees Green Arrow facing off in a high security prison with DC villains like The Riddler, is by Justin Marks, who wrote the aforemenioned He-Man script that’s driving the Internet nuts right now. Yeah, I think what happened is Warner Bros. did some research on message boards and sites like Major Spoilers and realized no one, NO ONE, would go and see a Green Arrow movie called Super Max. And seeings how the Green Arrow character is

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