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I just love a comic that is out there – you know, so different that it’s unlike anything else in comic shops today. That perfectly describes King, from Jet City Comics. I have no idea what’s coming next as I go from page to page. For an “experienced” comics reader like me, that’s just such tremendous fun! KING #2 Writer: Joshua Fialkov Art: Bernard Chang Publisher: Jet City Comics Cover Price: $2.99 Previously in KING: “As toddlers, King and Queen were the undisputed champions of gladiatorial-style death matches… until they ran out of opponents and were forced to turn on

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I hope you’re already reading Skyman from Dark Horse and The Bunker, a digital-first comic coming soon in print from Oni Press! Creator Joshua Fialkov joins me for a fun interview about the projects above as well as his work for Marvel’s Ultimate line. You’ll learn a lot about all of his writing and what’s likely coming our way in the near future from him! Then everything wraps up with a look at recent news, including a certain classic superhero show coming out on DVD this year and a direct-to-DVD animated feature arriving in Target that I hadn’t heard about! You

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Spinning out of the adventures of Captain Midnight, Stephen and Matthew sit down to read Skyman #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

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Dark Horse ComicsSneak Peek

Dark Horse Comics has a new series ready to launch, and sent a sneak peek at Skyman for you to check out.

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Press Release As announced at Rose City Comic Con, Dark Horse will unleash its latest superhero early next year! Joshua Hale Fialkov (Tumor), Eisner nominee and writer of the Emmy-nominated animated film Afro Samurai: Resurrection, is set to pen a brand-new series from the pages of Captain Midnight—Skyman!

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