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Middlewest series concludes in July

The beloved, Eisner Award nominated comic book series Middlewest by Skottie Young and Jorge Corona will come to a breathtaking conclusion this July. The final issue of the series, Middlewest #18, will pack a punch with a stunning virgin cover, without trade dress, by Young.

Review Strange Academy #1 Review 9.3

Strange Academy #1 Review

Magic has returned to The Marvel U, and with it a whole bunch of new, young,  wielders of the mystic forces.  Someone should really make a school or something. Your Major Spoilers Review of Strange Academy #1 from Marvel Entertainment awaits!


Marvel announces Strange Academy

You may have already seen the news that magic in the Marvel Universe has become more powerful and more people are able to wield it. To keep the world from falling into chaos, Doctor Strange is opening Strange Academy.

Review 7.3

Middlewest #11 Review

A young man and his talking fox must reconcile his family’s history. What will Abel do in this dangerous lands in Middlewest #11 from Image Comics!

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