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How’s this for a bit of awesome – Alan Oppenheimer (the voice of the Filmation’s Skeletor) and Brian Dobson (2008’s Skeletor) sat down to play with their action figure characters in this promo for Power-Con, the He-Man and She-Ra Fan Convention.

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I’ve always been a fan of when heroes from different universes meet (or clash, as the case may be). For instance, I would love to see a new Marvel/DC crossover take place. Justice League of America/Avengers is still one of my all-time favorite books!

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Skeletor earned his place as He-Man’s arch nemesis through various and sundry failed plans to overthrow the Eternian government and rule the planet. Megalomania is as megalomania does, but how did the dark wizard of Snake Mountain sink to the depths of his insanity? Read on in this Major Spoilers review.

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All Adam knew was his simple existence as a woodsman until an encounter with a bird and a fight with Beastman made him feel like there was something with this life that wasn’t quite right.

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