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Review Fathom #6 Review 7.7

Fathom #6 Review

After the battle in Muria, Aspen and Chance finally reach the Russian base where Aspen’s brother Finn is being held. But what has happened to him?

Sneak Peek Fathom #5

[Preview] Fathom #5

Aspen learns that her battle with Killian has far-reaching consequences both below—and above—the surface, in this week’s Fathom #5 from Aspen Comics.

Aspen Fathom #2

Fathom #2

Aspen Comics releases Fathom #2 this week, the second issue in the seventh volume of the series.

Aspen Lola XOXO #5

[Preview] Lola XOXO #5

Aspen Comics released this sneak peek of Lola XOXO #5 by Siya Oum, which should be waiting for you at your LCS on Wednesday.

Aspen Lola XOXO #3

[Preview] Lola XOXO #3

Aspen Comics releases Lola XOXO #3 this week to waiting fans around the world. Take the jump for this sneak peek of the issue.

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