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Looney Tunes There Goes the Neighborhood
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  The Looney Tunes are back! But can this show recapture the old Warner Brothers Animation magic? Or is it just a pale shadow of the hilarity that was? Well? Take the jump so I can tell you!

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ABC’s adaptation of the ITV comedy No Heroics is growing as more cast members join up the 30 minute sitcom.  Freddie Prinze Jr. joins as Ultimatum, the nemesis for Paul Campbell’s Pete aka Chillout. An A-list superhero, Bradley is a handsome, cocky and egotistical Alpha male who has all the women and fame and money a guy could want. Of course he is, he’s married to Sarah Michelle Gellar. Joining Prinze and Canadian actor Campbell are Eliza Coupe and Arielle Kebbel. via Hollywood Reporter

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