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Sneak Peek Ghosted in LA #4

[First Look] Ghosted in LA #4

BOOM! Studios’ Ghosted in LA has received a number of positive reviews, and now we have a first look at Ghosted in L.A. #4 from Sina Grace, and Siobhan Keenan.

Review Ghsoted in L.A. #3 9.0

Ghosted in L.A. #3 Review

Daphne is suddenly balancing not only school and her personal life, but a new hidden personal life with some local ghosts. Can she keep it together and keep her secret? Find out in Ghosted in L.A. #3!

Sneak Peek Jughead's Time Police #3

Jughead’s Time Police #3

Jughead meets Jughead in this week’s Jughead’s Time Police #3, and we have a sneak peek of the issue from Sina Grace, Derek Charm, Matt Herms, and Jack Morelli.

Review Ghosted in L.A. #2 Review 8.0

Ghosted in L.A. #2 Review

Her boyfriend dumped her, her roommate barely talks to her, and her only new friends are ghosts. Find out how Daphne is starting to cope in Ghosted in L.A. #2!

Sneak Peek Go Go Power Rangers #22

[Preview] Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #22

The Power Rangers are left to pick up the pieces of Shattered Grid, but the effect on the Morphing Grid may be more than they can handle. Find out what happens in this sneak peek of Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #22 from BOOM! Studios.

Sneak Peek Ghosted in L.A. #2

[Preview] Ghosted in L.A. #2

Daphne settles into her new life as a resident of Rycroft Manor, and the unique challenge of living with ghosts in Ghosted in L.A. #2 from BOOM! Studios

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