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Review Getting It Together #1 Review 5.0

Getting It Together #1 Review

Its love, life, sex, and all the messes they create, in the city by the bay.  Your Major Spoilers review of Getting It Together #1 from Image Comics, awaits!

Review Ghosted in LA #10 Review 9.0

Ghosted in LA #10 Review

Just when everything had settled down, a mysterious force in the basement of Rycroft Manor pulls Agi away and upsets everything! Intrigued? Find out more in Ghosted in L. A. #10 from BOOM! Box.

Sneak Peek Ghosted in LA #10

[Preview] Ghosted in L.A. #10

Daphne was just getting used to living with ghosts, but now… take the jump for a sneak peek of Ghosted in L.A. #10 from BOOM! Studios to see what the big deal is.

Review Ghosted in LA #9 8.0

Ghosted in L.A. #9 Review

Daphne’s arrival has upset everything at Rycroft Manor. But someone else sees the ghosts, and the mysterious basement door opens! What can be behind it? Find out in Ghosted in L. A. #9 from BOOM! Box.

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