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Having previously funded the first two volumes of SILVER via Kickstarter, Franck and his company Dark Planet Comics are launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the third volume of SILVER and help bring the first two volumes to a wider audience.

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Press Release Dark Planet announced today that “Night Of The Duvaliers”, the 5th issue in Stephan Franck’s acclaimed mini-series SILVER, will become available on ComiXology Submit on July 8th.  ComiXology recently ranked SILVER number 2 on its well respected “ESSENTIAL READS” list.

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Press Release DARK PLANET COMICS is proud to announce the digital release of its very first title: SILVER #1, now available for download on ComiXology. SILVER, a 12-issue miniseries, marks the comic book debut from animation veteran STEPHAN FRANCK (THE IRON GIANT, DESPICABLE ME).

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