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For the third issue of Strange Tales, Marvel looked to Stan Sakai to whip up a great Hulk cover in Sakai’s signature style.

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Press Release Over the years, Dark Horse has been committed to incorporating art into our everyday lives through prints, T-shirts, mugs, and a variety of other items that help make this world more colorful. With this in mind, Dark Horse is proud to collaborate with GelaSkins to bring over twenty new designs to their line of protective skins for laptops and phones.

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Can’t get enough Star Wars: Clone Wars?  Head over to to check out exclusive web comics written by Pablo Hidalgo that compliment each new weekly episode. Four different artists offer unique and intriguing interpretations of the signature style of Lucasfilm Animation, and the stories serve as a “prequel” to individual episodes, showcasing the backstory that precedes the on-screen action. The online comics are available only at, which debuts a new story every Monday. If that’s not enough, fans can also get their game on with the Star Wars The Clone Wars; Lightsaber Duels for the Wii, and Star

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