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Review Sideways #9 REview

Sideways #9 Review

DC’s been trying out some new characters recently, and the one I enjoy most from The New Age of Heroes is Sideways. The process of blending these heroes in with the “regular” DC Universe has begun, and this book has a “super” cameo along the way.

Review Sideways #6 Review

Sideways #6 Review

Tragedy waits in the wings for Sideways.  Will our hero make it through?  Your Major Spoilers review of Sideways #6 awaits!

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COMICS PORTAL: DC Re-Drawing the Line at $3.99

DC Comics had made a big deal out of their “Drawing the Line at $2.99” effort. But with printing and other costs continue to rise, I wondered how long that could continue.

Well, last Thursday, word hit the industry that DC is now raising the prices on some of their comics, both digital and print, with the lowest amount being $3.99.


Sideways #1 Review

There’s a new hero in town! But there’s something very familiar about him…  Your Major…