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Review Star Pig #3 Review 7.0

Star Pig #3 Review

It’s love at first sight when Vess meets Dr. Echozar! Are things finally going her way, or does the cute doctor have hidden motives of his own? Find out in Star Pig #3!

Review Star Pig #2 Review 7.7

Star Pig #2 Review

Vess is worth more alive than dead, and she learns that getting home to Earth is a lot more complicated than she had anticipated. And if Earth is sequestered, why are so many things in space named after Earth places? Find out more in Star Pig #2!

Sneak Peek The Lost Fleet #4

[Preview] The Lost Fleet #4

If you’ve read the Lost Fleet novel series, here is your chance to check it out in comic book form as The Lost Fleet #4 arrives in stores this week. If you’ve never read the Lost Fleet novel series, here’s your chance to find out what it is all about.