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Sneak Peek Batman Superman #12

[Preview] Batman Beyond #47

Mr. Zero’s plan is a success – and now the League of Assassins will finally achieve their goal of taking over the world in this week’s Batman Beyond #47 from DC Comics.

Review Batman Beyond #40 Review 8.0

Batman Beyond #40 Review

Batwoman’s secret is out…  but will she survive the fight with Blight?  Your Major Spoilers review of Batman Beyond #40 from DC Comics awaits!

Review 8.0

Teen Titans #33 Review

Damian reveals a drastic change in how his private prison is run while trying to uncover if one of his team is a traitor. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor makes a proposition to a beaten Lobo. TEEN TITANS #33 from DC Comics is on store shelves now!

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