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The new X-Files series will only be six episodes long, which probably explains why the first teaser is so darn short. Still it feels so good to see Scully and Mulder together again.

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It’s in the mid-80s outside as I’m writing this, and yet I find myself exploring an arctic wasteland I really want to know more about and experience. I bought the hardcover collection of Winterworld a few years back when the original Eclipse three-issue miniseries was released in hardcover, and I was fascinated by the story and the characters. The good news is that the tale isn’t over, with the first issue of a new story debuting this week!

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IDW PublishingSneak Peek

Black oil is the focus of attention in this week’s The X-Files: Season 10 issue, and IDW publishing sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek, for you to check out!

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