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You may remember that Donald Glover was working on a Deadpool animated series for FX. It was recently announced the project had been dumped by the network, and with the project dead in the water, Donald Glover took to Twitter to share the first episode script.

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What’s the most important part of a comic? The art or the script (story)?

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Every so often, I re-examine the idea of trade paperbacks versus individual issues. Now that I’m helping out behind the scenes on a comic series (the aforementioned Stabbity Bunny), I’m encountering new questions regarding the unending question of trade paperbacks versus individual issues in a series.

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The BBC wants you to know what it takes to make a good story by releasing two scripts from Doctor Who’s final two episodes.

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Constantine arrives on Arrow this week, but today, you can see what might have been for the Constatine series if it had reached episode 14.

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