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Image ComicsTrade Paperback

Image Comics has announced its popular monster filled series Screamland is getting the trade paperback treatment this October. “In an era of films shot against green screens and fixed in post, where have the iconic creatures gone,” writer Harold Sipe asked. “SCREAMLAND is a love letter to old Hollywood using monstrous metaphors, while not whitewashing over any of the ugly bits. The characters’ fall into unattended convention signings, failed romances and dot-com busts is only the beginning of the story.” The 152-page trade will sell for $16.99. via Image Comics

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comic conventionImage Comicssan diegoSigning

Image Comics has sent Major Spoilers its rundown of booth signings, comic exclusives, and panels at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International.

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Image ComicsSneak Peek

Image Comics has dumped a load of sneak peeks on Major Spoilers this week.  Take the jump for Charlatan Ball #2, Frank Frazetta’s Swamp Demon, Mice Templar #5, PX! OGN – Book 1: A Girl and Her Panda, and Screamland #5, all of which arrive next week!

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comic conventionImage ComicsNew York Comic Con

You can not escape the myriad of schedule and booth signing posts on this site! Next up – Image Comics! “For whatever reason New York has been a tough city to hold a convention, but the folks behind the New York Comic Con have pulled it off better than anyone could imagine,” said Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen. “I’ve really enjoyed every year I’ve attended and thought it was long past time Image Comics had a complete set up, including one of our now famous Image Comics Shows!”

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Image ComicsNoble CausesSneak Peek

Image Comics has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving next week including Screamland, Stupid Comics, Noble Causes #32.

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