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Bluewater Productions

Former Alias titles Victoria’s Secret Service and Judo Girl are getting the trade treatment in December, thanks to Bluewater Productions. Judo Girl is a woman on a mission: after having spent 40-years in suspended animation, she searches for her missing brother. And Captain Steel hasn’t exactly spent the last four decades collecting rust either.  Indeed, his awful plans are about to solidify on a worldwide scale. On the flip side is a retro story set during the era of go-go boots and slot cars revealing the secret origin of the original Steel Ray! Martial art meets pop art; both the

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Dynamic ForcesMarvel

It’s the 90s all over again kiddies, with variant covers coming fast and furious for titles and reprints. The latest variant comes from Dynamic Forces and Marvel for next week’s Secret Invasion #1 by Mel Rubi. Comic fans old and new know Mel Rubi’s art from the immense variety of titles and characters that he has drawn for the past two decades. Mel’s countless credits include hit Marvel titles such as Uncanny X-Men, Excalibur and Wolverine, as well as Image titles Grifter, Stormwatch and Deathblow, and for Dark Horse, Star Wars: The Bounty Hunters – Scoundrel’s Wages. Most recently, Mel

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