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Review 7.7

The Batman Who Laughs #6 Review

As Batman grapples with the toxin that is slowly consuming him, Jim Gordon battles The Grim Knight while his psychopathic son grapples with his own worse impulses.  The people of Gotham dangle by a thread and along with it, the fate of the multiverse’s last Batman.  Can they survive, or will The Batman Who Laughs have the last laugh?!  Find out in our stunning Major Spoilers review!

Review 8.0

Justice League #19 Review

I appreciate that Justice League #19 takes some time to lighten up and have some playful moments, and I really enjoy those chapters of the story. This is one that could have gotten really kooky, but instead it let loose just enough to be fun and then drew it back to the big, serious plot.

DC Justice League #7 Review

Justice League #7 Review

The Totality arc is nearing its end as the Justice League faces off against the Legion of Doom. The stakes – only the entire universe! Here is the Major Spoilers review of Justice League #7 from DC Comics.


Justice League #6 Review

Up until now, it has looked like the Legion of Doom was ahead at every turn. With the sentient sun Umbrax perilously close to taking over Earth itself, can the Justice League tip the balance in their favor? Let’s find out in Justice League #6 from DC Comics.

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