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Review Dial H for Hero #6 REview 8.0

Dial H for Hero #6 Review

Mister Thunderbolt’s nefarious plan gives superpowers to thousands of people in Metropolis comes to fruition. What could possibly go wrong? And is anyone equipped to deal with this craziness? Find out in Dial H for Hero #6!

Review Hawkman, Carter Hall, DC, Batman, Hawk, dinosaur, Krypton, Idamm, wings, Robert Venditti, Bryan Hitch, Norm Rapmund, Scott Hanna, Deathbringer, Ktar, 9.8

Hawkman #12 Review

What a year it has been! There are changes coming for Hawkman in the months ahead, but the first 12 issues of this series have been, well, epic! So, just how did Hawkman #12 work out? It was one for the record books!


Convergence #6 Review

With Deimos taking control over Convergence World, the survivors of the various DC timelines have…