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Is Monday the new Saturday?  Disney XD launches another new episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man at 7:30 PM ET/PT, and there’s a sneak peek, after the jump!

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Good news on this Tuesday – the same day the Dark Knight movie is released on DVD and Blu-Ray – finds the score for the Dark Knight movie eligible for Oscar consideration. The branch initially ruled Nov. 10 that there were too many composers involved in the score; the Academy generally only considers scores that are the work of one or at most two composers. I used to be really big into the scores for films, but now I’m more interested in the whole package and how all the elements work together to create an excellent product. via THR

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Will Smith’s Hancock landed at the number one spot at the box office this past weekend, bringing in $66 million in ticket sales.  This brings the five day run, including a major holiday weekend,  to $107.3 million. Regardless of what Diddy thought of Hancock, I rather liked it – not as a superhero movie, but as a superhero movie with a major twist that changes the direction and meaning of the whole story.  Apparently, a lot of movie goers thought the movie was good enough to see it too.  Did it have its flaws?  Yes, there were some a few

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Image Comics Monster Zoo graphic novel has been snagged by Paramount Pictures to be turned into a live action feature film. The action-adventure story is set in motion when an ancient idol is unearthed and transported to a zoo in the U.S. There, the idol’s spirit awakens and starts to mutate the caged animals. A group of teenagers must band together to try to stop the idol and the evil from destroying the world. The graphic novel will be published in May from Image Comics. The move will be produced by Sam Raimi and Josh Donen. What really amazes me

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