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Captain AmericaMarvelReview

Or – “Former Captain America Steve Rogers? Still Dead… Mostly.” It’s very clearly his LEFT arm…

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AvengersMarvelReviewThe Initiative

Or – “It’s Too Bad That The New Warriors Don’t Have Their Own Book… Wait, What?” With all things Skrullapalooza breaking loose in the Marvel Universe, it’s sometimes hard to remember that OTHER storylines are in media res.  The threads of disaster that were set up in the very first issue of this book have finally woven together into an indian couch blanket of lies, deceit, death, and payback, and like most couch blankets, it’s rough, unattractive, and something stinks.  Get your scorecards ready and prepare to check off characters who get squished, stabbed, and lit on fire, folks, because this battle is

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Buffy the Vampire SlayerDark Horse ComicsReview

Or – “So Very, Very, VERY Late…” Unlucky Thirteen…  I want to say that this comic came out last Wednesday, but there’s a chance that it was the week before that.  However, being as it’s Buffy, I wanted to touch on it for all the Buffy fans out there in Spoiler-ville, and also as an avowed fan of Xander Harris.  As the one character in the Buffy universe who never really had a superpower (unless you count the time he had an actual job in Season Six) Xan is the most relatable of the Scoobies for me, and also the

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DCJustice Society of AmericaReview

Or – “Gog, Gog, Gog…  Does Anybody Remember When These Guys Fought Crime?” I am trying very hard to give JSA the benefit of the doubt with this storyline, but no matter how good a book has been in the past (and Johns’ & Eaglesham’s JSA has been quite good) there comes a point where you wonder exactly what the upshot of a given storyline is going to be.  We’ve been dealing with the fallout of Kingdom Come Superman for almost six months now, and as much as I appreciate having a version of Clark Kent among the DCU’s elder

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Or – “How DID Devil-Slayer And Son Of Satan Co-Exist, Anyway?” I give Tony Stark a lot of crap, especially since he turned into Doctor Doom for our own good, but it’s obvious that the man doesn’t understand one whit what makes the Defenders tick. The point of the Non-Team was always that it’s members CHOSE to associate with one another, and then events just sort of occurred AROUND them. Far from being a low-rent Avengers, the Defenders were instead friends and associates who acted heroically in those situations where big-name teams couldn’t have gone or wouldn’t have even bothered.

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