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The Freeze #1 Review

I have always thought comics are the perfect way to tell a good sci-fi story. I mean, you have an unlimited special effects budget, and you are only limited by the imagination of the creative team.

As a perfect example, along comes The Freeze, which has a fascinating premise while looking at things from a human perspective.

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Star Power and the Lonely War Vol. 4 Review

So, what’s in my mailbox waiting for me when I come home from Cincinnati Comics Expo than Star Power and the Lonely War Vol. 4, a  wonderful trade paperback. It’s fun, it’s action, it’s drama—it’s a comic I think should be read by a LOT of sci-fi/adventure comics fans! And it’s professional, just as good (if not better) than anything from Marvel or DC!

Featured Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Sean Wang, Runners, sci-fi, adventure, Guano Guy, Mark Darden, indie comics,

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #330: Sean Wang, Mark Darden

In Episode 330, everything kicks off with Sean Wang, maker of Runners, a high-power, fun adventure series that tells a great sci-fi/fantasy story! Then the episode concludes with my interview with creator Mark Darden, who discusses his Guano Guy comic.

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