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Monsters are something many of us truly love and, during this week’s Episode 268, Russell Nohelty from Wannabe Press is back, giving us the scoop on his Kickstarter that will be beginning this Tuesday for his hardcover, 244-page anthology called Monsters and Other Scary Shit.

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It’s always interesting to me that the more we seem to know, the easier it is for us to be scared. When The X-Files came on Fox, it was pooh-poohed because, it was said, “We’re just too educated and intelligent to be frightened by television shows any longer.” Yeah, right! I remember not wanting to use the toilet after the show highlighted what my brother called the “Commie Commode Creature” in an outdoor toilet. Still gives me the shivers, actually! More and more comics, if they don’t deal with superheroes, are telling horror stories. One of the very best writers

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