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Ten Things
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Time, time, time, see what’s become of these great heroes, all of whom have experienced temporal instability and whatnot…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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Incredible HulkMarvelReprintVariant

Marvel has announced incredible Hulk #600 sold out at the distributor level and is heading back to press. The new printing will be available September 09, 2009.

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With the 70th anniversary of Marvel is quickly approaching (August 11, 2009), the company is playing up on the celebration by releasing themed variant covers to many of its books. Each of these unique variants is guaranteed to make you smile—where else are you gonna see War Machine grunging out on Fender Jaguar? Or Rogue vogue-ing it up? The 90s and 80s take center stage when the 70th Anniversary Decade Variants make their sensational debut! All four of the books are being released June 17, 2009.

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And as expected is going back to press with a variant cover featuring the interior artwork of Peter Vale. No one knows who this She-Hulk is or why she has come to Earth, but they are about to find out.  Will this new Jade Giant be a menace to the Marvel Universe as we know it? How is Norman Osborn involved? The second printing of All New Savage She-Hulk arrives May 20, 2009 with a $3.99 cover price. via Marvel

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