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Here’s a trippy commission done by Evan Shaner, that features the founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes that look like they’ve gone through the Herge treatment. It’s LoSH meets Tintin in today’s Art Appreciation Moment of the Day!

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We’ve already told you about Alex Johnson playing Saturn Girl in the upcoming Smallville episode featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes.  IMDB has updated the show’s cast naming Ryan Kennedy as Cosmic Boy and Calum Worthy as Lightning Lad. The scheduled date for the show is in January, which just so happens to be the same month the Legion of Super-Heroes comic ends with issue #50.  Nice timing.  Of course the first appearance of the Legion occurred in Adventure Comics #247, and DC is wisely launching a new Adventure Comics series in February, so maybe someone is on the ball after

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I’ve seen the rumors floating around teh Intrawebs for a couple of weeks, but it looks more official now.  Canadian actress Alexz Johnson will play Saturn Girl in a Geoff Johns written episode of the CW’s Smallville.  The Legion of Super Heroes episode will also feature Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad and airs November 27, 2008.

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