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My Saturdays are always busy but lately my little one has been requesting that we watch on-demand viewings of old favorites such as The Banana Splits, Jem and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers together.  (She seems to prefer the Japanese Rangers, but says she gets tired of reading all the dialogue.)  When I told her about the concept of “Saturday Morning Cartoons,” she was confused, and didn’t understand why someone would put all the shows together or why you’d have to wait to see them, and I realized that part of the fun was in the once-a-week frequency of it all.

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Archie Comics has sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in December 2008.

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I missed this one yesterday, and you have probably already watched the season finale of The Spectacular Spider-Man, but in case you missed it, or just want a few tasty images to save to your computer, take the jump for info about the second season, and the rerun schedule for this summer.

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