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Bluewater ProductionsPress Release

Press Release Bluewater Productions made headlines in 2008 when its Sara Palin biography comic sold out. Now Palin is returning to Bluewater with a sequel. Female Force: Sarah Palin, Act 2 focuses on Palin’s life after the 2008 presidential elections. The book examines the reasons behind Palin’s increasing celebrity, and the threat that she might pose to both Democrats and mainstream Republicans should she decide to run in 2012.

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Archie ComicsSolicitations

Don’t let the headline fool you, Archie won’t be duking it out with the President and Palin, but instead the two politicians are getting involved with a Student Government campaign that has spiraled out of control at Riverdale High.

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DCHumorMad Magazine

Mad Magazine has the answer, and it may surprise you. … Or maybe not.

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Bluewater ProductionsSolicitations

Bluewater Productions has sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in February 2009.

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