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Blue BeetleFoxRetro ReviewReview

I’m always amused by people who talk about Jaime Reyes being the “second” Blue Beetle, or how Ted Kord is better, because he’s the “original” BB.  Mind you, they’re only off by about thirty-odd years…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Big 3 #6 awaits!

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FeaturedFoxRetro ReviewReview

You guys ever heard of Stardust, The Super Wizard? (That distant sound you just heard was Bruce Otter yelping for joy.)  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Fantastic Comics #1 awaits!

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Alex RossDynamite EntertainmentFeaturedProject SuperpowersReview

When an ancient foe rears his head, will Samson be able to overcome him, or is our hero doomed to a watery grave? Meet The Bad Guys, the series devoted to introducing new and ominous threats to the Superpowers Universe, rolls out issue number three by introducing Dagon, ancient man/fish god!

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Image ComicsInvincibleReviewRobert KirkmanRyan Ottley

Now this is more like it I don’t know what happened in the second part of that two-part crossover issue that began in Invincible #57, and frankly, I don’t care.   What I do care about is the intricate universe Robert Kirkman has created in Invincible and the myriad of characters in it.  The latest issue returns readers to the good ol’ days of a young superhero and all the people in it.

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