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Review Dial H for Hero #6 REview 8.0

Dial H for Hero #6 Review

Mister Thunderbolt’s nefarious plan gives superpowers to thousands of people in Metropolis comes to fruition. What could possibly go wrong? And is anyone equipped to deal with this craziness? Find out in Dial H for Hero #6!

Review 7.3

Dial H for Hero #4 Review

Miguel and Summer make it into the Old Justice League Headquarters where the spirit of Mr. Thunderbolt attacks! Find out what happens next when they Dial H for Hero #4!

Review 7.7

Dial H for Hero #3 Review

Miguel and Summer are on the run after the H-Dial! Will they find it in time? And who will be doing the dialing? Find out in Dial H for Hero #3!

Review Blackbird #5 Review 9.7

Blackbird #5 Review

Betrayed by the people she loves most in the world, Nina is on her own with uncontrolled magical powers, caught between two major Cabals. Can she navigate her way between them?

Review 7.7

Blackbird #3 Review

After another Paragon attacks Nina, and she and Clint fend her off, he finally shares a little information and agrees to help her find her sister. What obstacles now lie in their path?

Review 8.0

Blackbird #2 Review

Nina Rodriguez has devoted her life to her conviction that Paragons exist. Now her sister has been taken, she has found Paragons, and no one believes her – what can she do next?

DC Harley Quinn #51 Review

Harley Quinn #51 Review

An old hero returns, and it’s all Harley’s fault.  After all, she broke the continuity of the universe.  Your Major Spoilers review of Harley Quinn #51 awaits!

Featured Major Spoilers Podcast #799: Spider-Man: Birth of Venom

Major Spoilers Podcast #799: The Venom Podcast

Venom is in theaters and in our thoughts this week, as we take a look at Spider-Man: Birth of Venom. Plus, Kathleen Kennedy is in the news, and we review Heroes in Crisis #1, The Terrifics #8, Artifact One #1, and Blackbird #1. Plus, what the heck is an A-Team?

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