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Oni PressSalt Water TaffySneak Peek

If you are looking for a great series for your kid, niece, or nephew, then you really can’t go wrong with Matt Loux’s Salt Water Taffy series.  The Major Spoilers Crew has reviewed the first two volumes of the series, and this morning, Oni Press sent us a sneak peek of third volume, arriving at the end of September.

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In issue #71 of the Major Spoilers Podcast, we ran down our Goats and Gods of 2008.  In one of my gods categories, I listed five comics that I enjoyed very much in 2008.  Here’s a more detailed breakdown of my faves.

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Oni PressSneak Peek

I adored the first Salt Water Taffy volume written by Matthew Loux, and I’m really eager to dig into the second volume A Climb Up Mt. Barnabas, which arrives in store this week.  The second volume continues the all ages story of two brothers and their adventures at their parents summer retreat.  Oni Press has kindly sent us a sneak peek at the volume to share with everyone at Major Spoilers.

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This time around: dolls in the sky, nobles in the dirt, frank rocks in the art house, and Eminem’s in your face with a gun. Plus, “Art Thou Not Tyler Durden?”, dead men don’t wear capes, a general inability to refrain from our geekery, an almost certain overuse of the word “anyway”, and a big “Bongiorno” from the Italian Spiderman. A MAJOR SPOILERS THANK YOU GOES OUT TO DAVID M. and ERIC M. FOR DONATING TO THE SHOW! THANKS GUYS! NOTE: Because of the nature of the content contained within the Wanted title, there are some strong words that earn

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This looks like it could be a fun title – there’s a guy fighting a giant crab on the cover. Salt Water Taffy: The Seaside Adventures of Jack and Benny is an ongoing quarterly all-ages series to be released by Oni Press. Jack and Benny are two young brothers on vacation in Chowder Bay, Maine for the entire summer. With no television or batteries for his Gameboy, Jack couldn’t be more bored. But when Benny, the youngest of the pair, spots a dark, indistinguishable shape creeping toward the ocean, the boys’ curiosity has them chasing one of Chowder Bay’s oldest

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