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Review Ruby Falls #2 Review 8.0

Ruby Falls #2 Review

Nobody is thrilled when Lana starts digging into the past of Ruby Falls, but she just can’t seem to quit. And then her grandmother goes missing. It’s a small town; where could she have gone? Find out in Ruby Falls #2 from Dark Horse Comics.

Review Invisible Kingdom #6 Review 10.0

Invisible Kingdom #6 Review

Vess and Grix have uncovered a monetary connection between a powerful religion and a powerful corporation. How much danger are they now in? Find out in Invisible Kingdom #6 from Dark Horse Comics.


[Preview] Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #4

This week, Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia returns from hiatus, and creators Matt Entin, Ed Kuehnel, Kendall Goode, Jason Lewis, and Sal Cipriano have released this sneak peek of issue #4 from Starburns Industries Press.

Review Ruby Falls #1 9.7

Ruby Falls #1 Review

If there’s anything I love more than a murder mystery, it is an examination of the phenomenon of human memory. How well do these concepts blend together? Find out in Ruby Falls #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

Review 10.0

Invisible Kingdom #4 Review

It’s out of the frying pan and into the fire as Vess reluctantly joins Grix and the crew of the Sundog. The information they have is huge, but where can they possibly go with it? Find out in Invisible Kingdom #4!

Review 7.7

The Batman Who Laughs #6 Review

As Batman grapples with the toxin that is slowly consuming him, Jim Gordon battles The Grim Knight while his psychopathic son grapples with his own worse impulses.  The people of Gotham dangle by a thread and along with it, the fate of the multiverse’s last Batman.  Can they survive, or will The Batman Who Laughs have the last laugh?!  Find out in our stunning Major Spoilers review!


Superman #38 Review

Superman gets a new power, reveals a big secret, and BATMAN shows up! What more…