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Review Stealth #6 Review 8.0

Stealth #6 Review

Tony and the Dead Hand have both followed the money to discover the truth about Stealth. What secrets await them? Find out in Stealth #6 from Image Comics!

Review Stealth #5 Review 8.0

Stealth #5 Review

Stealth, his mind stuck in the past, pursues the Dead Hand. Can Tony find him before he kills more people, or is killed himself? Find out in Stealth #5 from Image Comics!

Review Stealth #1 Review 7.7

Stealth #1 Review

Stealth, the vigilante, watches over Detroit, but something is not quite right with him. Find out what it could be in Stealth #1 from Image Comics!

Sneak Peek Year Zero

[First Look] Year Zero

Are you ready for even more zombie tales? On April 1st, Year Zero arrives from AWA Studios, and we have a first look at the issue, after the jump.

Review Invisible Kingdom #10 Review 10.0

Invisible Kingdom #10 Review

Amazingly, Grix survives her minutes in space, but now it’s a tense stand off between the crew of the Sundog and the Riveteers. Who will blink first? Find out in Invisible Kingdom #10 from Dark Horse Comics!

Review Ruby Falls #4 Review 9.7

Ruby Falls #4 Review

How reliable is memory? And what really happened to Betty all those years ago? Find out in the unexpected conclusion to Ruby Falls #4, from Dark Horse Comics!

Solicitations Starship Down

Starship Down lands at Dark Horse Comics

Creators Justin Giampaoli (Thirteen Minutes), Andrea Mutti (Rebels), alongside colorist Vladimir Popov (Relics of Youth), and letterer Sal Cipriano (Invisible Kingdom), bring you the new sci-fi miniseries Starship Down.

Review Ruby Falls #3 Review 8.3

Ruby Falls #3 Review

Lana learns who killed Betty, but why was her body never found? And where is Lana’s grandmother? Find out in Ruby Falls #3!

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