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After nearly a year in Pre-Pro Hell, Seth Rogen’s green hornet is finally going before the lens next month.  At one point Stephen Chow was set to direct and play Kato, but then for reasons unknown to the Intardwebz community, Chow stepped down from directing duties.  The good news is, he is still in for playing the Green Hornet’s sidekick. Pursued by police as a wanted criminal, the masked vigilante Green Hornet is actually Britt Reid, owner and publisher of muckraking journal the Daily  Sentinel. Reid’s dual identity is known only to his secretary and the city district attorney. The

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Dark Horse ComicsPress Release

Press Release Acclaimed entertainment writer Jeff Jensen presents the ultimate insider’s account of America’s most prolific serial killer in Green River Killer: A Detective Story. Jensen’s own father led the twenty-year investigation into the murders of over forty women at the hands of Gary Leon Ridgway. In the summer of 1982, the bodies of five dead prostitutes were found on the marshy banks of Seattle’s Green River. One year later, the remains of six more women were discovered, prompting local law enforcement to officially declare that a serial killer was at work. Over the next several years more bodies were

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Like yesterday’s Green Lantern break down, DC has released a page featuring the Red Lantern Corps, complete with the who and the whatnot. As we head into BLACKEST NIGHT, from mega-stars Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, how familiar are you with the rest of the colors of the emotional spectrum? Yeah, thought so. That really annoys me. Some might say, it makes me angry — and we all know what happens when you get really angry? Rage. Yes. See what I’m trying to do here? via The Source

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Parallel world’s are not always a good thing I find it ironic that I sat down to read Tangent: Superman’s Reign #8, and then less than an hour later found myself watching the latest episode of Nova talking about Hugh Everett and his parallel theory of quantum physics.  I would hate to think the events were a coincidence, but it does make you wonder what would happen if someone were given the powers of Superman and decided to end all the world’s problems.

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comic conventionDC

Here’s another rapid-fire roundup of items from the DC Nation Panel, that includes interesting information about Kevin Smith.

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Issue #4 of Hulk featuring Red Hulk bitch-slapping the Watcher sold out at the distributor level, probably because of the aforementioned bitch-slapping, prompting Marvel to go back to press with that very same image as the new variant cover. “Whahooo!” said writer Jeph Loeb. “Ed and I and Jason and Rich are thrilled that the newest Hulk in the marvel universe has made red turn to green for our retailer friends!  And just in case anybody thinks we’re slowing down, next up is the Red Hulk vs. THOR in Hulk 5 and then in Issue 6 it’s GREEN VS. RED

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