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Review Rat Queens #17 Review 8.3

Rat Queens #17 Review

New members, new adventures, and many old problems continue to haunt the Rat Queens. Take the jump for our review of Rat Queens #17 from Image Comics.

Review 8.7

Rat Queens Special: Swamp Romp #1 Review

The Rat Queen’s are in a little of a dry spell, so when an eccentric man with (part) of a unicorn comes and wants to hire them for an act of vengeance, who are they to say no? Well, they try, but beer don’t pay for itself. Find out what horrors await our favorite band of sisters in RAT QUEENS SPECIAL: SWAMP ROMP! It’s on shelves now from Image Comics.

Sneak Peek Rat Queens

New creative teams takes on the Rat Queens: Swamp Romp

Image Comics is pleased to unveil interior pages from the forthcoming Rat Queens Special: Swamp Romp one-shot issue and subsequent Rat Queens #16 issue, both of which will debut the all-new creative team on the series, Ryan Ferrier and Priscilla Petraites. Swamp Romp will hit comic shops in April followed by #16 in June.

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