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Review Runaways #23 7.7

Runaways #23 Review

Runaways #23 is a book filled with questions. Can an an android find purpose beyond its programming? Can a man who risked everything to save the one he loves accept when she loves someone else? What’s the point of having superpowers if they aren’t used to help others? What do you feed a teenage godlike being? But the biggest question of all is does this issue answer these effectively? Find out in the our Runaways #23 review.

Review Runaways #20 Review 6.0

Runaways #20 Review

The Gibborim are defeated again, but that leaves the Runaways with a new member (who is also a new problem.) Your Major Spoilers review of Runaways #20 awaits!

Ten Things Ten Things

Ten Super Fanboys

Everybody loves a good superhero story, even the superheroes themselves! Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Super Fanboys!

Featured Runaways #11 Review

Runaways #11 Review

The question in the back of all of our minds is finally answered: What the heck happened to that OTHER Runaway?  Your Major Spoilers review of Runaways #11 awaits!

Featured Runaways #7 Review

Runaways #7 Review

Everyone has been resurrected, reconnected and/or saved from their crazy grandparents, meaning the Runaways are once and finally reunited at last.  Now what?  Your Major Spoilers review of Runaways #7 awaits!

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