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engers Assemble! And Spider-Friends! And Inhumans! And Munchkins! This week we play Munchkin Marvel Edition from USAopoly.

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Let’s go on a quest, and let’s outfit ourselves with cool things from Loot Crate!

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PRESS RELEASE: Dynamite Entertainment and Paizo continue to offer gaming fans a low-cost entry into the canonical comic book world of Pathfinder! The new bundle is essential for fans of the game, as it provides insight into the world of Pathfinder straight from the game designers themselves. Each issue also includes a bonus Pathfinder RPG gaming appendix with game statistics, encounters, and miniatures-scale tactical battle maps perfect for use with the tabletop Pathfinder RPG. This bundle contains over 30 comics and more than 20 battle maps, two Exclusive Maps, and even miniatures. The entire collection would cost over $100 to

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D&D fans who are eager to return to Castle Ravenloft will be able to do so in March!

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When you have a big group of people what kind of activity do you plan? Board games are a standard go to during holidays when friends and family get together. But, when the number of people grows to above four or five and you don’t want to split up the group? There are a growing number of games coming around that can handle almost absurd player counts. Large group games cover all kinds of genre and play styles. Looking for something with lots of deduction and information gathering or maybe something team based?

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GamingWiz Kids Games

WizKids dropped off a quick note to let us know that the latest Pathfinder miniatures are available today for RPGers.

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If you play Changeling: The Dreaming is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the game by launching a Kickstarter campaign to get a deluxe edition of the game in your hands.

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Today, WizKids has unveiled the latest pre-painted figures for Pathfinder Battles.

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It’s time to kick your Dungeons and Dragons world building up a notch with the new Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide from Wizards of the Coast, that is in stores today.

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Dungeons And DragonsSolicitationswizards of the coast

Wizards of the Coast’s next 5th Edition book is set to arrive in November, and gamers will find all sorts of valuable information on the places, cultures, and deities of northwestern Faerun.

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Though the Dungeons and Dragons Rage of Demons: Out of the Abyss book doesn’t arrive until next week, WizKids has announced the D&D Icons of the Realms: Rage of Demons pre-painted figures are available now.

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Dungeons and Dragons fans, who are ready for the next level of storytelling and gameplay, need only to wait a few more weeks for the next storyline from Wizards of the Coast to arrive. Out of the Abyss will unleash demons of all shapes and sizes unto adventurers as they try to prevent the horrors from reaching the surface world.

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Have you seen the new Guardians of the Galaxy animated series promos that have been popping up everyone? Then you’ve seen Thomas Perkins’ character design. Today we are bringing you something brand new, and if you are familiar with our run on Modern City, check out the first image from the Thomas Perkins Modern City run!

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Modiphius Entertainment is set to attend the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, and ahead of the event, the company has unveiled cover art for two upcoming games.

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