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Review Robyn Hood; Justice #1 Review 8.0

Robyn Hood: Justice #1 Review

Robyn has been on the run in the big apple for a crime she didn’t commit. She is away from her home, her friends, and is now being hunted by these robots under control by the mayor of New York. Find out if she can stay sane in ROBYN HOOD: JUSTICE #1 by Zenescope Entertainment.

Review Robyn Hood Vigilante #2 Review 8.0

Robyn Hood: Vigilante #2 (of 6) Review

Robyn Hood has been trying to clear her name for weeks but the cops have tracked her down! And not only have they found her, they brought robots to help with the arrest. Find out what she does in Robyn Hood: Vigilante #2 by Zenescope Entertainment!

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