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Sneak Peek Justice League #47

[Preview] Justice League #47

That cover sure does look like a D&D crossover is about ti happen, even though we know that isn’t the case. So what is really going on? Take the jump to find out!

Review Justice League #44 Review 7.3

Justice League #44 Review

An Atlantean outpost has called for aid…  but will they survive til the League arrives?  Your Major Spoilers review of Justice League #44 awaits!

Review Superman: The Man of Tomorrow #4 Review 8.7

Superman: Man of Tomorrow #4 Review

In Superman: Man of Tomorrow #4 from DC Comics Clark Kent is hot on the trail of a mystery that stretches back decades.  A creature seeking revenge, a land baron hiding his secrets – and Superman stuck in the middle!  All this and more in your next Major Spoilers review!

Review Justice LEague #42 Review 9.0

Justice League #42 Review

Justice League #42 continues the first storyline from the new creative team. If this book is any example of what these folks have in store, it’s going to be a great ride! Take the jump for your Major Spoilers Review of Justice League #42 from DC Comics.

Review Justice League #40 7.3

Justice League #40 Review

An attack from beyond the stars brings Batman into conflict with the rest of the team…  Your Major Spoilers review of Justice League #40 awaits!

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