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Solicitations Fire Power Volume 1 Prelude

Kirkman and Samnee announce Fire Power: Prelude

If you are interested in Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee’s Fire Power, but want a bit more on the character’s backstory, you should keep you eyes peeled for the upcoming Fire Power, Volume 1: Prelude, an original graphic novel from Image Comics.

Comics Portal

Comics Portal: ‘Dead’ End

This past week saw something unusual happen—a comic actually ended at an odd number! It was a “Dead” end since it was the final issue of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead.

I’m struck by a variety of emotions and thoughts!


Die Die Die #2 Review

Kirkman and Burnham opened the Die Die Die series with a bang in a stunningly gory first issue.  They’re back for more in a surprisingly talkative second issue that still carries a brutal punch from Image Comics.

Featured Walking Dead #180 Review

The Walking Dead #180 Review

In which a lost family member is found and another family member may be lost to Rick and the people of Alexandria…  Your Major Spoilers review of The Walking Dead #180 awaits!

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COMICS PORTAL: ‘Walking Dead’ Turning Fifteen!

Now, as announced here on, The Walking Dead is celebrating 15 years of bites, betrayals, and beheadings this October!

So I thought I’d look over my experience with the book that redefined the undead as we get ready for the celebration.

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