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Review Fire Power #7 Review 8.7

Fire Power #7 Review

Owen Johnson and his family are on the run from The Dragon’s Claw, and Wei Lun has fallen…  Your Major Spoilers review of Fire Power #7 from Image Comics awaits!

Review Fire Power #5 Review 8.0

Fire Power #5 Review

Nothing ruins a night out like a secret mystical cabal seeking to steal your mystic flames. Your Major Spoilers review of Fire Power #5 from Image Comics awaits!

Solicitations Fire Power #1

Fire Power #1 gets a new cover

Image Comics has announced that Fire Power #1 from Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee is getting new cover treatment featuring the Free Comic Book Day edition by Samnee and Matt Wilson.

Review Hardcore: Reloaded #5 Review 8.0

Hardcore: Reloaded #5 Review

In HARDCORE: RELOADED #5 LAyla’s plans for revenge near fruition as her use of the Hardcore technology threaten the life of President Stokes.  With Agents Drake and Markus on the case, will that be enough to save the President and prevent her demands for blood?  You’ll have to read this Major Spoilers review to find out!

Solicitations Fire Power Volume 1 Prelude

Kirkman and Samnee announce Fire Power: Prelude

If you are interested in Robert Kirkman and Chris Samnee’s Fire Power, but want a bit more on the character’s backstory, you should keep you eyes peeled for the upcoming Fire Power, Volume 1: Prelude, an original graphic novel from Image Comics.

Comics Portal

Comics Portal: ‘Dead’ End

This past week saw something unusual happen—a comic actually ended at an odd number! It was a “Dead” end since it was the final issue of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead.

I’m struck by a variety of emotions and thoughts!

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