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Review Teen Titans #47 Review 6.7

Teen Titans #47 Review

It’s the end of the line for Crush, Roundhouse, Red Arrow and Kid Flash.  But how will the team go out?  Your Major Spoilers review of Teen Titans #47 from DC Comics awaits!

Review Hawkman #29 Review 9.3

Hawkman #29 Review

It’s always sad when a favorite hero’s title gets cancelled. This week is the final issue of Hawkman, and I’m grieving! Take the jump for this review of Hawkman #29 from DC Comics.

Review 4.3

Teen Titans #45 Review

It always worries me when guest stars are the big draw of a comic. Sadly, that’s what happening in Teen Titans #45!

Review Shazam #13 Review 7.3

Shazam #13 Review

The Monster Society of Evil is free and they’re led by… Billy Batson’s dad?  Your Major Spoilers review of Shazam #13 from DC Comics awaits!

Review Shazam #12 Review 9.7

SHAZAM! #12 Review

It’s a “special guest” issue for SHAZAM!, with a great fill-in story starring a team up with the Dark Knight and a crocodile in a business suit! Check out this review of SHAZAM! #12 from DC Comics.

Review Flash Fastest Man Alive #3 Review 8.0

Flash: Fastest Man Alive #3 Review

Flash: Fastest Man Alive is a digital mini-series from DC Comics that’s been helping fill the gap while the local shops are down. It’s an entertaining romp featuring science, super-speed, and a rookie hero there to help the Flash make it out alive!

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