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Review Farmhand #15 Review 7.7

Farmhand #15

In Farmhand #15 from Image Comics, Ezekiel discovers some of the old family history, his father Jedidiah confronts Monica, now fully possessed by the Seed, and we find out what happened to Ezekiel’s mother.  There’s a bad moon rising, and not everyone gets out alive.  Find out what happens in your next Major Spoilers review!

Review Farmhand #11 Review 8.0

Farmhand #11 Review

Jedidiah’s stem cell technique has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, but as a cost.  As the toll of those infected by plant matter grows, he searches for Auntie Janice, a seer, for her guidance.  What he finds instead is a nightmare that threatens to not only consume all his has built, but the human race as well.  Can Jedidiah find a cure for what he has created?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Farmhand #11 from Image Comics.

Review Farmhand #7 Review 9.3

Farmhand #7 Review

Unexpected visitors, unexpected changes…  Things are getting tense ’round the farm.  Your Major Spoilers review of Farmhand #7 awaits!

Review Farmhand #1 Review

Farmhand #1 Review

The man behind ‘Chew’ is back, and you better believe this comic is as unusual as that one.  It’s all about farms… and hands.  Your Major Spoilers review of Farmhand #1 awaits!

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