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Dueling Review: Martian Manhunter #1

The Manhunter of Mars is now on Earth! Will his partner discover his horrible secret? Will fire bring down J’onn J’onnz once and for all? Find out in this week’s Dueling Review of Martian Manhunter #1 from DC Comics.


Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1 Review

It’s October, and that means falls has arrived, Halloween is coming, and the horror comics are preparing to hit the shelves. This year, DC Comics decides to get in on the act in a giant way, with an 80-page giant entitled Cursed Comics Cavalcade, which is out today. Let’s crack open this tome and see if it is worth summoning up in your pull box!


Deathbed #4 (of 6) Review

No, it’s not that movie about The Bed That Eats.  The story of Antonio Luna’s life is even weirder than that…  Your Major Spoilers review of Deathbed #4 awaits!

DC Batman/The Shadow #1

[Preview] Batman/The Shadow #1

This may be THE comic crossover for the ages – except for the time The Shadow and Doc Savage teamed up. You can check out Batman/ The Shadow #1 after the jump.


[Preview] Batman #7

DC Comics releases Batman #7 in stores today. Here is a sneak peek of the…

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