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I often discuss the “renumbering conundrum,” when comics companies change the numbers of the issues of certain series’ in order to boost sales. Well, we have a lot of “big event” numbered books coming our way soon! Personally, I’m looking forward to them!

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Today, June 7, 2010, marks the 25th anniversary of The Goonies, the Richard Donner kid adventure that had many of us doing the Truffle Shuffle and screaming “Booty-Traps! That’s what I said!” for years.  Those that read the novelization of the movie remember an octopus scene, but it was something that never made it into the movie.  Now, thanks to the Intardwebz, you can see that deleted scene for yourself. What was your favorite part of The Goonies movie?

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It’s Wednesday, which means another roundup of rumors out of Tinsel Town.  This week it’s all about Transformers, Iron Man, and Megan Fox.  She’s a new Hollywood category now, right?

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