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Review Judge Dredd Megazine #404 8.0

Judge Dredd Megazine #404 Review

The first issue of 2019, Judge Dredd Megazine #404 finds shelves here in the United States a little later than in the United Kingdom, but that doesn’t matter. It is still filled with explosive stories from some of the best the industry has to offer!

Review Reign of the Supermen Review

Reign of the Supermen Review

Reign of the Supermen arrives on digital today, and Ashley V. Robinson is here to share her take on the latest animated movie from Warner Bros.

Review Captain Marvel #1 Review 8.0

Captain Marvel #1 Review

The truth about her mother is out.  Can Carol Danvers pull her life back together again?  Your Major Spoilers review of Captain Marvel #1 awaits!

Review Green Lantern #3 Review 6.3

The Green Lantern #3 Review

The Earth has been planet-napped!  But the space police of the Green Lantern Corps are on the case…  Your Major Spoilers review of Green Lantern #3 awaits!

Review Die #2 Cover 8.7

Die #2 Review

Solomon made a game, but he never made it out.  Now, he’s dragging his friends back in with him…  Your Major Spoilers review of Die #2 awaits!

Retro Review X-Force #1 Review 3.3

Retro Review: X-Force #1 (August 1991)

Recently, somebody asked Rob Liefeld what the hell he was thinking when he drew X-Force.  His response was “Five Million Copies.”  But, five million copies of WHAT, you might ask?  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of X-Force #1 awaits!

Review 8.0

By Night #7 Review

Some teens found the projector and fooled around with it, and now there is a monster running loose around Spectrum! Will Heather and Jane find it before it finds them?

Review Herakles Book 2 Review 8.7

Herakles Book 2 Review

The heroic journey of the epic hero known as Herakles continues! Having finished the first eight challenges laid out by King Eurystheus. Is he up to the challenge to continue, or will the King continue to doubt his nature as a demigod? Herakles Book 2 is available now from Lion Forge Press and The Magnetic Collection.

Review Gunning for Hits #1 Review 8.7

Gunning for Hits #1 Review

To some the music of the Eighties is energy and joy, others rebellion and power. To promoter Martin Mills it is the almighty dollar and how much he can make. His latest discovery may be the next big thing, but can Mills survive the negotiations? Gunning For Hits #1 from Image Comics is on store shelves now!

Review Tom Clancy's The Division: Extremis Malis #1 Review 6.3

Tom Clancy’s The Division: Extremis Malis #1 Review

The opening issue to Tom Clancy’s The Division: Extremis Malis #1 starts agent Caleb Dunne down a long, dangerous road of revenge.  The opening scenes set the stage for a manhunt that will take Dunne far from his comfort zone as he seeks answers for the death of his best friend.

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