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Matt Nixon and Toby Cypress are teaming for a new timeline-hopping paranormal series coming our way in September 2017.

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Black LightningDCReview

When it all went to hell For the most part, the Year One stories from DC Comics tend to follow the origin stories of the characters with a little extra thrown in for taste.  In the case of Black Lightning, it looks like an entire retcon is taking place.  The Tobias Whale plot is still there, but toss in a dose of magic and mysticism, and Talia al Ghul and you’ve got a very different story from the one you read in the 1970’s.

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DCGreen LanternReview

Retconning the retcon The Sinestro Corps War brought me back to the Green Lantern titles.  I soaked up every issue, rediscovering old friends, and meeting new ones.  It was enough for me to pull out my battered trade of Emerald Dawn and Emerald Dawn II to relive the origins of Hal Jordan, and his beginnings that would lead him to be the greatest Green Lantern of them all.  So when Geoff Johns and DC Comics announced the Secret Origin story arc for the Green Lantern book, I was a bit concerned.  Emerald Dawn and Emerald Dawn II aren’t that old,

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