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Review These Savage Shores #5 Review 10.0

These Savage Shores #5 Review

While the war in India is over, and a treaty is forged, Bishan makes his way to England to confront Count Grano. Who is the real monster in These Savage Shores #5 from Vault Comics?

Review Catwoman #15 Review 8.0

Catwoman #15 Review

Selina Kyle has upset the balance in Villa Hermosa, and the existing crime families put a price on her head. Can she squeeze her way out of this one? Find out in our review of Catwoman #15 from DC Comics!

Review Catwoman #14 Review

Catwoman #14 Review

Which is the prize, which is the MacGuffin, and who is behind it all? Ponder along in Catwoman #14!

Review 10.0

These Savage Shores #4 Review

It is a time of conflict, where war makes men into monsters, and monsters struggle to maintain some shred of their humanity. Step into a world like no other in These Savage Shores #4.

Review These Savage Shores #3 Review 10.0

These Savage Shores #3 Review

Like chess pieces on the board, Prince Vikram and Bishan are drawn into the conflict with England and the East India Company, and Count Grano arrives in India. Who will survive?

Review 9.0

These Savage Shores #2 Review

Intrigue and monsters abound in this tale set in India after the fall of the Mughal Empire. Our first main character is dead, which changes everything. But who killed him and what prowls in the night here?

Review Batman Secret Files #1 Review 7.3

Batman Secret Files #1 Review

Once again we delve into the case files of Gotham’s gallant dark knight as Tom King and a host of other creators fling open the Batman Secret Files #1 from DC Comics. What secrets will be uncovered?

Featured These Savage Shores #1 Review

These Savage Shores #1 Review

Along the Silk Route, in 1766, the East India Company seeks to secure its future. Alain Pierrespont, hunted in England, has been transported here, where the days are scorched and the nights are full of teeth!

Image Comics Paradiso #5

Paradiso #5

Image Comics has released a sneak peek of Paradiso #5 by Ram V and Dev Pramanik. The issue arrives on July 4th.

Featured Ruin of Thieves #1 Review

Ruin of Thieves #1 Review

One part Ocean’s Eleven, one part Game of Thrones, is how the series Brigands has been described. Now, we get another installment and more action with Stilian “Blackheart” Desault and company with Ruin of Thieves #1 from Action Lab Comics. How do the stars align on this installment…

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