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Review Red Sonja: The Superpowers #3 Review 6.3

Red Sonja: The Superpowers #3 Review

Can the Project actually work in concert with the She-Devil with a Sword?  It all depends at whom she’s pointing her blade.  Your Major Spoilers review of Red Sonja: The Superpowers #3 from Dynamite Entertainment awaits!

Ten Things Ten Super-Zeroes Ten Things

Ten Super-Zeroes

Call it naught, call it nil, you can even call it zilch, but don’t forget to call when you’re in mortal danger!  Welcome to Ten Things: Ten Super-Zeroes!

Review Project Superpowers #6 Review 8.0

Project Superpowers #6 Review

It’s the final showdown with P:Andora! He’s already killed heroes and seems invincible. Can Project Superpowers pull together and stop him before he destroys the world?

Sneak Peek Project Superpowers #6

[Preview] Project Superpowers #6

It is the final confrontation between the alien invader P:andora and the surviving members of Project Superpowers. It is all going down in Project Superpowers #6, out this week from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review Project Superpowers #4 Review 9.7

Project Superpowers #4 Review

P:Andora has tracked his missing box to earth, and his agent, the Death-Defying Devil goes after young Imani Cooper who could be the only one who can stop him. But will she even survive?

Sneak Peek Project Superpowers #4

[Preview] Project Superpowers #4

Pandora’s army is here. The Earth is defenseless and war has arrived. Who will survive? Find out in this week’s Project Superpowers #4 from Dynamite Entertainment.

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